By the Cross. For the Kingdom.


I’m thankful for my time studying at Knox Theological Seminary. My wife and I had welcomed home our daughter only 5 months prior to beginning what would be a non-stop three-year journey of reading, writing and studying to earn my Masters degree. Three years and three children later (only by the grace of God!), I have shaped a philosophy of ministry that clearly defines my purpose and vision for everything I seek out to accomplish: By the Cross. For the Kingdom.

By the Cross

The cross of Jesus Christ is more than a symbol of faith and hope, but rather is the single objective historical event that defines life, death, creation, community, marriage and sexuality, mission, calling, the nature of work, heaven and hell, and more. In other words, every natural, human, social and cultural construct in this life is fully understood in their purest and redemptive form through the lens of the cross – the message and the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The gospel reminds us that every part of creation is about, for and held together by Jesus Christ and redeemed on the cross (Colossians 1:15-20). This is not just great news for a broken and fallen world, but is the life-giving source of an eternal purpose that is greater than we can imagine and the motivation for positive radical living.

For the Kingdom

As adopted children in the body of Christ, we are citizens first of the heavenly Kingdom (Philippians 3:20). As a result, we are called to positively contribute to God’s common kingdom of grace (the world and culture) while participating in the mission of expanding the redemptive Kingdom of God (spiritual). To be Kingdom focused is to set our sights, hopes and desires on the second coming of Christ and the new earth, a time when the world and all of culture and society will be transformed and redeemed by the cross of Christ. As part of our preparation for the coming physical Kingdom of God, our roles, responsibilities and vocations today are to be for the glory of God and redeemed by grace for the common good of all creation.

So what does all of this mean? I believe that Christ has placed me and you in a unique time and place in history to proclaim his gospel, all the while contributing to the building and expansion of a greater heavenly Kingdom to come. Our world is desperately crying out for a lasting hope and real solutions to real issues. Only by the Cross and for the Kingdom can real redemption be found.