The Shocking Path to Discovering Your True Self

Who am I? What was I made for? What is my purpose?

These are the questions that plague modern men and women in a world that finds their identity, status or uniqueness in the shallow waters of riches and fame. Nothing is more frightening to a student or young adult who is seeking success in the world than to slip into the nameless abyss of obscurity. We are desperate to discover or create our own personal identity, brand or platform in order to keep up with a global society that idolizes the success of men and women.

However, its the Gospel that slays our idolatrous worship of man and self. With a striking blow to the heart, we are confronted with the reality of the shallowness of our pursuits which brings a beautiful life out of a glorious death. The Gospel sets us free from the prison of our superficial idolatry and leads us to a place of deep waters where we learn to experience our true identity and purpose revealed only in the Cross.

I’ll be sharing much more on how the Gospel is where our true identities are discovered the weekend of October 21 – 23 at Expeditions Unlimited in Baraboo, WI for the ONE Retreat, a gathering of High School students from across Northern Lake County, IL. Please join me in praying for us in preparation for our weekend together!