We Are One: A Vision for Unity of the Church

I’m proud to be part of a church that is intentionally seeking out missional partnerships and breaking down barriers that would typically divide rather than unite. Despite some of our differences, we’re united in the core principles of the faith and our commitment to the true gospel as given to us in Scripture. However, the church as a whole hasn’t had a great run historically speaking. It’s safe to say that our divisions have helped foster disbelief among a watching community and world. Look no further than the two churches that sit next door to one another and never talk, discuss, collaborate or exchange a friendly wave in front of a watching world to sense the lack of community and love that we Christians love to brag about.

Unity for the sake of unity is not a sufficient response. Instead, we need to look beyond the superficial and see the true means and purpose for unity among gospel-centered churches in a world that is craving a sense of meaning and belonging more than any other time in history. The gospel unites God’s people and his church so that the world may believe.