Why Lake Zurich?


The Till family had much to celebrate on the 4th of July!

After a number of hopeful (yet failed) possibilities on obtaining a home right for us, the Lord led us to just the right place. We spent our afternoon on the 4th looking at a home that is centrally located, perfect for our needs, and within our price range. Out of the many (and I mean¬†many) houses that we have seen, this one is just right. We’re thankful that our offer was accepted, especially after an anxious 12 hours where there was a possibility of the deal falling apart. The Lord ultimately provided and we are continuing to pray for His provision and grace towards us as we move ahead with all the details involved with purchasing a home.

We also made our first visit to a popular Lake Zurich event, the Independence Day celebration at Paulus Park. Our “Lake Zurich” hand stamps (pictured above) were symbolic of our future residency in our new community. ¬†Although moving day won’t be until mid-August, we’re slowly beginning to make Lake Zurich our new home.

Probably the most common question we have been receiving to date in our church planting journey is this: “Why Lake Zurich?” Why not Wauconda? Fox River Grove? Cary? Palatine? Vernon Hills? Or downtown Chicago? Although these are all great communities that we appreciate and desire to reach with the gospel, here are a few of the reasons why we’ve settled on Lake Zurich:

  • First and foremost, the Lord is revealing that he is leading us to Lake Zurich. We sense he is already doing a work in that community and we believe preparing people for our arrival, most of whom we have yet to meet.
  • There is excitement about Lake Zurich among friends and ministry partners that we have been sharing our vision with. This has been a welcomed sign of affirmation.
  • Lake Zurich is well positioned at the crossroads of Rt. 12 & Rt. 22 to minister to many neighboring communities such as Wauconda, Barrington, Vernon Hills, Hawthorn Woods, Deer Park, and other nearby communities.
  • It is estimated that 50 to 80% of the population are non-believers, revealing there is a great need for more gospel-centered churches.
  • Already, there are number of identified ministry opportunities to mobilize Christ-followers for missional living and evangelism. (See our Restoration Church announcement post for more on this.)

Stay up to date by signing up to join our email list and please continue to pray for us. We’re truly grateful for your support. Here are our latest prayer requests:

  • Pray for a successful and uneventful close on our home and new home.
  • Pray for our move in August.
  • Pray for the provision of a place to live for 8 or 9 days while we are between houses.
  • Pray for our fundraising efforts. We’re praying that we’ll exceed our goal for $40,000 in commitments by September 1.
  • Pray for our future core group members who will be instrumental in starting Restoration Church.
  • Pray for favor with our new community, future neighbors, like-minded pastors, and community leaders.

For Christ and His Kingdom,



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