My 5-Year Old Evangelist, Vision Nights, and Prayer Updates


My 5-Year Old Evangelist

Just the other night around the dinner table, our two oldest children, Alyssa and Evan, had just come inside from playing at the park behind our home with two of the neighbor children. Alyssa proceeded to tell us about her conversation with one of them:

Alyssa: “I asked her if she goes to church.”
Me: “Oh? What did she say?”
Alyssa: “She said yes. But then I asked her if she loves Jesus because he died on the cross for us.”
Me: “Oh really?! And what did she say to that?”
Alyssa: “Umm… I think she said yes.”

Aside from the obvious where an interaction such as this warms a father & mother’s heart (Hey Mary, I think we’re FINALLY doing something right!), I was struck and challenged by the childlike innocence, boldness, and simplicity of the situation. Alyssa and Evan had only been playing with their new friends for no more than 20 minutes before dinner, and before that, only a handful of times since we’ve moved in. I’m deeply challenged and encouraged by my daughter’s courageous (yet simple) evangelism.

As a Christ-follower, I bear on my body the marks of following Jesus by faith because He has died on the cross for us. That may not mean a whole lot to a 5 and 7-year old right now, let alone possibly the non-Christian you work with, but it does plant some really important questions. After all, who would actually die for another person, and why did this person die for me?

Vision Nights are Starting!

We’re beginning to turn a new page in our church planting efforts in Lake Zurich. We’ve held two successful Prayer Gatherings this month and beginning in October, we’ll be transitioning to what we’re calling Vision Nights. These are meetings that will be filled with worship, prayer and discovering together God’s plan and calling for Restoration Church. Our meetings are always open to anyone and everyone. If you’re looking to come check out Restoration Church at the ground level or are invested with us through prayer or financial support, we welcome you to come spend an evening with us.

Our first Vision Night is Wednesday, October 11 @ 6:30pm. You can RSVP on our Facebook Page or by emailing me at

Prayer Updates and Requests

Thank you for your continued prayers! We have seen God at work because of them. I’m happy to share that not only did I complete my thesis paper this month, but I also passed my oral defense and interview for the ordination process with the EFCA. I do have some additional homework to complete and revisions to make as part of the process, but I have been officially recommended for ordination. Thank you!

Please be praying for:

  • Wise use of time and managing projects for Matt. Attempting to balance healthy time with family and getting work accomplished.
  • Favor and exposure in the community. Ask the Lord to open opportunities for conversation about Restoration Church and for boldness to take advantage of them when they present themselves.
  • Mary as she continues to homeschool our kids. Pray for continued perseverance and encouragement. (She’s already doing an awesome job, by the way!)
  • Pray for my fellow church planters, Peter LeBlanc (Hoffman Estates) and Ben Sincock (Schiller Park). These are great guys doing great work in their communities. I love working with them and supporting one another.

How can we be praying for you?

Send me your prayer requests at I would love to pray for you this week.

By the Cross and for the Kingdom,
Pastor Matt