From the Suburbs to Chicago

Blog Update 11-3-17

From the suburbs to the west-side of Chicago, Restoration Church is bringing the gospel to everyone, everywhere. Read on for our latest updates and prayer needs with Restoration Church …

Crossing the Racial and Socioeconomic Divide

Last weekend Mary and I had a wonderful opportunity to have dinner at the home of a pastor and his wife who live and serve in the Austin neighborhood on the west-side of Chicago. Austin has been a hot-spot to gang-related violence that often makes national news. As our new pastor friend said to us, referring to the sounds of gun shots and sirens, “It never ends”. He, his wife, and their church are doing good work. They have a growing church centered on the gospel with an associated para-church organization that ministers to 500 kids in the neighborhood, keeping them off the streets and regularly influencing them with the gospel.

Please pray for our new friendship and for opportunities to mobilize and partner Restoration Church with their church with the purpose of bringing restoration to a hurting and broken community.

New Connections in Lake Zurich

I had a great meeting this week with another pastor in the Lake Zurich community. I continue to be encouraged and blessed by the warm reception by the pastors in our community and their desire to be kingdom-minded partners. Pray for our developing relationships and ways that we can encourage, support, and come alongside one another for gospel-transformation across our corner of Lake County and beyond.

Vision & Prayer Nights Continue

We’re grateful our core team continues to grow. Our next Vision and Prayer night for Restoration Church is being held Wednesday, November 8 at 6:30pm. We invite you to join us as we are unpacking our core values and what will define Restoration Church as a church that seeks to restore lives, our communities, and world with the gospel. Contact me for more information at

Prayer Requests

  • Pray the Lord continues to grow the Restoration Church core team by calling others to be part of our mission and calling in Lake Zurich.
  • Pray for new opportunities for our core team to meet more people in the community and to share the gospel with them.
  • Pray against spiritual attack, we’ve seen signs of discouragement among us and some of our team members in the last few weeks.
  • Pray for a new endeavor that we’re working on launching soon that we believe will uniquely benefit and reach our community with the gospel. (We’ll share it with you once it’s ready!)
  • Pray for continued Holy Spirit leading and clarity in our gospel-driven vision, values, and mission.


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