Why start a new church in Lake Zurich?

Why Start a Church

It’s a two-part question I get all the time these days: “Why do we need another church in Lake Zurich? Don’t we have enough churches already?” The answer is a definitive, “No, we don’t.” Here’s why …

By the Numbers

Within an 8-mile radius of Lake Zurich (a typical ~20 minute drive from the intersection of Route 12 & Route 22), there are roughly 305,000 people living in our mission-field. Within that population, only 35% self-identify as an Evangelical Christian, leaving roughly 200,000 people uncommitted to gospel teaching and living. Even if every evangelical church in our community was effectively reaching 10,000 people with the gospel on a regular basis, the community would still be drastically under-served! With the rapid rise of the non-religious and the nominal (those who have distanced themselves from the church for a variety of reasons but still consider themselves a Christian), the task for authentic and effective gospel ministry is quite large and should be an important burden of the church. We need more gospel-teaching churches, not just in Lake Zurich, but everywhere.

What Healthy, Biblical Churches Offer

For those skeptical in the presence and purpose of a new church in their community, here are 10 things that healthy, bible-believing and teaching churches like Restoration Church, have to offer:

  1. A place where a loving God is revealed and regularly worshiped.
  2. A restorative, grace-filled community for every person, regardless of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, circumstances, background, or life stage.
  3. A community that is eager to help our neighbors thrive to their fullest potential.
  4. A safe place to discover answers to the deepest longings of the human heart, and confront our deepest fears, insecurities, and idols with grace and truth.
  5. A community that regularly encourages and supports people in their pursuit for hope-filled faith, eternal joy, satisfaction, and freedom from sin, in Christ alone.
  6. A community that actively prays for and pursues patterns of heaven that bring about a restored relationship with God, others, and creation.
  7. A community that regularly experiences total heart, mind, and soul transformation through the power of the gospel.
  8. A community that is abundantly generous with its time, talents, and treasures.
  9. A community propelled by bold faith, rooted in the hope and promises of Jesus Christ.
  10. A community that pursues an authentic life with others and for others.

Pray. Give. Go.

Restoration Church exists to be a church-planting church that evangelizes and restores every neighborhood and community we are sent to and present in. Join us in that vision as we seek to restore lives, our communities, and the world with the trasformational power of the gospel.

  1. Pray with us. We’re praying for a revival in and around Lake Zurich, IL.
  2. Give to the mission. We’re raising funds to launch our church for maximum Kingdom-impact. Help us hire staff, rent a meeting location, and effectively evangelize our community. Give a recurring or one-time tax-deductible gift securely at, http://pushpay.com/pay/reachchicago. Be sure to select the fund titled “Matt Till”.
  3. Go with us. Jesus didn’t send a few, but all. It’s our call to go “to the ends of the earth” together with the restorative hope of the gospel. Connect with me at matt@restorationlz.org to get the conversation going!

For a more extensive look at our demographic study and identified ministry opportunities, you can view our complete report here: Lake Zurich Community Profile – September 2017.


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