Prayer Updates and Our Next Gathering

Restoration_headline_Nov 2017

Happy Thanksgiving! As you gather with family and friends to share thanks and gratitude for all of life’s blessings, we ask you take a moment to join us in thanking the Lord in how he is moving in Lake Zurich and Restoration Church. Here are a few updates on this holiday week …

Vision & Prayer Night: Wednesday, November 29

Our Vision & Prayer Nights are designed to bring people together with the purpose of sharing the vision of Restoration Church and praying together for the advance of the gospel in our communities. The Lord continues to use these gatherings to inspire our team and grow us as a community of believers sent on mission. Every gathering is unique and continues to build excitement for Restoration Church among those visiting, supporting us, or considering being part of the launch team in 2018. Will you join us to hear first-hand how God is opening doors, laying a Christ-centered foundation, and clarifying an exciting missional-movement with Restoration Church?

Our next Vision & Prayer Night is taking place Wednesday, November 29 from 6:30p – 8:00p in Lake Zurich. See our Facebook event page for more details or connect with Pastor Matt at,

Prayer Updates

Thank you for your continued prayers for our family and Restoration Church! Here’s how the Lord has been answering your prayers:

  • We continue to earn favor in the Lake Zurich community. We have an opportunity to begin hosting a bible study and communion service for residents twice a month at an Assisted Living facility that specializes in memory care starting in December. Please pray for the success of this ministry!
  • I meet new people in the community every week to talk about Restoration Church. Often these are “people of peace” who are excited we are in the community and are praying with us. Insightful strategic brainstorming often comes out of these meetings! Please continue praying for these interactions.
  • I’m thankful for a growing partnership with an established church in town. They are opening space for us to meet in once per month beginning in January. (Details to come in a future update!) Please continue to pray for this growing Kingdom-minded partnership.
  • There are new people considering joining the launch team for Restoration Church. Please pray for them and others who we have yet to meet. Ask the Lord to bring them into contact with us and for a spirit-led clarity if Restoration Church is where he desires them to serve the Kingdom.

By the Cross and for the Kingdom,

Pastor Matt