December Highlights

Much like you, I’m sure, this has been one long week of exhaling. After many weeks of shopping, closing end of year deals at work, decking the halls, attending church services, and endless cups of eggnog (if you’re into that kind of thing) all comes to an end. For us, we reflect on the activities around the holidays, and then we look ahead to the new year. Here’s what December held for the Till family and Restoration Church:

The Nutcracker

Mary and Alyssa went on a special Mommy-Daughter date with a former neighbor and her daughter to see a live performance of The Nutcracker at the beginning of the month. Alyssa danced through the house like Clara for the following two weeks straight. It has re-ignited her excitement for dance and ballet. We’re considering opportunities to get her back involved with dance in our new community. Pray the Lord leads us in that decision and that it’s an opportunity for our family to be a light to others.


Cookies & Gingerbread Houses

Mary is amazing in the kitchen. If you haven’t been blessed by her cooking or baking yet, give us a call and please invite yourself over sometime. We would love to have you! What is Christmas without sweets and treats, right? Mary and the kids spent a few days baking cookies and gingerbread. Then, it was gingerbread house making time – boys vs. girls edition! We had a fun time connecting as a family in the midst of a very busy and stressful week. We’re learning to praise God and lean on his grace for even the little moments we find in a day.


Ministry at Silverado Assisted Living

This month we started a ministry to the elderly community at Silverado Assisted Living. We were invited by the staff to offer a bible study and communion to the residents. Our second visit with them was on Christmas Eve. Our kids made Nativity ornaments for each of the residents. Mary recalls one of the interactions with a resident when Alyssa handed him an ornament. His face and demeanor lit up like the star above the nativity, shining with gratitude and the knowledge that he was loved. It was truly a gift to spend Christmas with these residents, reminding them that their Savior Jesus was born so that they would have eternal life in him.


A Fall and The “C” Word

December also came with plenty of challenges that extend into the new year. I took a fall down our stairs, learning the lesson that hardwood floors can be extra slippery! After an x-ray, I’m thankful that no bones were broken, but I have been experiencing pain and numbness in my left arm and hand since the fall. I’m improving, but according to doctors, it will take weeks, if not months, for the nerve to fully recover.

Also, in October my doctor found a small patch of skin cancer on my upper neck. Just last week, I had surgery to completely remove it and will not require any follow-up treatments. Praise the Lord this is a commonly treated form of skin cancer caused by over exposure to the sun, but nevertheless, has created some discomfort and is causing us to lean more into the restorative work of Christ — and the need to invest in sunscreen! Please pray for continued healing and for the cancer not to return.

Thank You For Your Support

Your prayers are fueling our mission to see lives, our communities, and world restored by the transformational power of the gospel through the ministry of Restoration Church as we move towards a public launch in 2018. Thank you for supporting us in this endeavor.

If you would like to make a special year-end financial contribution to support our ministry, you can learn how by visiting our support page.

Praying for the presence of Christ with you in 2018!

By the Cross. For the Kingdom.
Pastor Matt