New Year, New Beginning

Restoration Header - Jan 2018

January 2018 marks a new beginning for us. Starting this month we’re officially gathering what will become the launch team for Restoration Church! We’re recruiting our neighbors, coworkers, friends, and family to be part of God’s plan for Lake Zurich and beyond. We’re building a church based on a missional-movement mindset. We’re restoring lives, our communities, and world through the transformational power of the gospel.

Beginning Sunday, January 14, we’ll be hosting a weekly gathering centered on building relationships, studying the Bible, discussing an assigned book together, discipleship, and leadership development. We’re building this group through grassroots efforts; word of mouth, personal recruiting and conversations, and sharing the vision of Restoration Church with friends, neighbors, coworkers, other believers, and strangers. We’re starting with a team of 15 dedicated adults. Lord willing, this team will multiply in the coming months to become the launch team for Restoration Church later this year.

In addition, this month we’ll begin raising funds for the launch of Restoration Church. Funds will come from within the membership but we’ll also be in need of significant support to help get us going. I’ll be sharing more about our needs in the coming days here on my blog.

Please pray …

  • That the Holy Spirit prepares and leads many people in and around the Lake Zurich community to join us in our church planting efforts.
  • That our team grows to 50 dedicated members by July 1st (6 months).
  • For fruitful conversations and interactions with prospective team members.
  • For unity and clarity in our vision for Restoration Church — to restore lives, our communities, and the world with the transformational power of the gospel.
  • For revival among believers in our community for the advancement of the Kingdom.
  • For our resolve to be uncompromising, committed followers of Jesus Christ who are committed to the Great Commission and the Great Commandment.
  • For the abundant provision to meet our financial needs for a successful launch this year.

By the Cross. For the Kingdom.
Pastor Matt