What Does a Gathering Look Like?

Blog Post 3-8-18

Last Sunday we began gathering at a new location, Alpine Chapel in Lake Zurich. We’re utilizing their space for our growing launch team for worship, prayer, study, teaching, vision casting, and fellowship. But what exactly does a gathering look like? How is it different than what one might experience by attending a typical church service? Let me explain.

Launch Team? Core Team? Gathering? Church Plant? Missional Community? What Exactly Is It?

Simply put, we’re a gathering of people who are exploring, actively following, or leading others in following Jesus and His teachings from the Scriptures. If you think that sounds a lot like a church, then you’re right on track! Starting a new church that seeks to authentically know and follow Jesus is a journey. Restoration Church is not another brand, impulse buy, or spiritual-consumerism warehouse that solicits membership for a weekend show and great deals on inspirational talks from an ancient text. We are a living and breathing community that shares one thing in common: a desire to follow and learn from Jesus Christ as our Lord.

Fundamentally, here’s what you’ll experience at a gathering: a community of people who are as real as it can get, and yet supernaturally transformed. We are broken yet healed, anxious yet hopeful, failed yet victorious, rejected yet approved, lost yet found. We are learning to surrender our lives to following the Jesus who restores, transforms, and saves us from ourselves.

In this season, our gatherings consist of an informal time of connecting and sharing our lives with others. We then spend a formal time that consists of a combination of teaching, singing, a book study, prayer, or planning for specific strategies and events. Depending upon your church background, this may be an all new experience that feels more like a group of friends meeting in your living room than it does a church. We anticipate this “mode” of gathering to continue through the spring and into early summer of this year (2018). We also anticipate our gatherings to adapt and evolve as our membership grows with new people, new opportunities, and new needs.

As we enter the summer months and approach the fall, we’ll begin to transition our gatherings into a weekly Sunday morning service. Maintaining elements of our gatherings while incorporating the traditions of the faith, we will formally “launch” and hold our first Sunday worship service at a location to be determined in the coming months.

Anyone who considers Restoration Church their new faith community from now until our launch date this fall (to be announced), is what we have been referring to as our “Launch Team”. This is not be confused with a separate leadership team or exclusive team that is separate from our Sunday afternoon gatherings. They are one in the same. Our gatherings are open to all who desire to explore and follow Jesus at Restoration Church.

Be Part of Our Next Gathering

Sunday, March 11 & Sunday, March 18 @ 3:00pm
Alpine Chapel (Gymnasium, enter main doors)
Childcare is provided for families.
23153 W Miller Rd, Lake Zurich, IL 60047

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By the Cross. For the Kingdom.
– Matt