Now Gathering on Saturday Nights!

What is the Gospel v2

We’re excited to be making another step in establishing Restoration Church in the Lake Zurich community. Beginning this Saturday, May 5th, we’ll be gathering weekly on Saturday evenings at 5:30pm for worship services.

We’ll continue to meet at Alpine Chapel (23153 W Miller Rd, Lake Zurich, IL 60047) with our gatherings from 5:30-6:45pm every Saturday (except Memorial Day weekend, May 26th). This replaces our Sunday afternoon gatherings.

What is the Gospel?

Today there are hundreds of gospel-like, “good news” messages that lure, entice and persuade us. Just look at your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds, television commercials and programming, billboards, blogs, and motivational books from personal health to leadership styles. It seems like everyone is offering the “greatest news” for you and your life, and once you get hooked you’ll soon be evangelizing your friends with passionate, unrelenting zeal.

With all of these competing gospel messages, how can we know which one is the true Gospel? The Gospel that brings about real, total, life transformation? The Gospel that offers liberty from bad habits, toxic people, and suffering? The Gospel that can actually assure us of not just a better life, but a perfect, eternal life?

This weekend we begin a teaching series from the book of Galatians to uncover such a wonderful Gospel message and how it can become your foundation for life and liberty. Because some things are so good, they can only be true.

Our Website is Live

Oh, did I mention we quietly launched our website last week? Check it out and share it with those you’ve been talking about Restoration Church with. They’ll be encouraged by it, and so will we!

Pray with us this Week

This is an important week and upcoming summer for us. Will you commit to praying regularly this week with us?

  • Pray for the launch of our Saturday night gatherings starting this weekend.
  • Pray for our leaders (and the sending of new leaders) as we minister to our mission field.
  • Pray for continued growing favor in our community and lives to be transformed in Christ.
  • Pray that we would remain steadfast, confident, hope-filled, and filled with love when we encounter trials.
  • Pray for a Holy Spirit led revival in our mission field.

By the Cross. For the Kingdom.
Pastor Matt