The Real Story of Starting a Church

Blog Post 07-23-18

As we approach our one-year anniversary of this endeavor we call ‘church planting’, many have been asking us, “How has it been going?” My default response these days is met with a neutral answer, “It’s a journey.”

Day by Day

It’s hard to describe all that we feel, process, and emotionally go through in the attempts to start a new church. There are many hats that a ‘church planter’ must wear at any given time. One day it’s all about the ‘business’ of starting a not-for-profit organization. The next day it’s all about teams and leadership development. Another day it’s networking and connecting with others in and outside of our community. Another, it’s counseling, praying with, and serving those in our fellowship that are in need. Then on another, it’s about establishing and shaping vision. Not to mention, finding time to fit in the hours of study and preparation in preaching for our weekend gatherings. It’s often hard to know what to prioritize and when. Plus factor in my primary role as a husband and a father … you get the picture.

A Podcast You Should Hear

Last week I was introduced to a podcast series on the story of starting a new church. (The first episode in the series was recently featured on the NPR show This American Life.) What I appreciate most about the series is that it’s a fair and honest ‘outsider’ view into church start-ups, or what we call ‘church planting’. In this series, you’ll hear about the journey of an inner-city church plant (coincidentally named Restoration Church), along with its pastor and his wife. While listening, I’m sometimes frustrated with what seems like a superficial model and approach to church planting that appears to be nothing more than one business and marketing decision after another to ‘get people in our doors’. On the other hand, I’ve been overwhelmed with how much I relate to their story and filled with tears of hope in what is nothing short of a ‘calling’ because not many would choose this venture when they stack up the odds against them.

For those interested in an authentic story of what it’s like to plant a church that’s not too different from ours, I highly recommend the StartUp Podcast to you and their series on church planting. You can listen to part 1 here.

Restoration Church is Gathering Weekly

Did you know our church plant, Restoration Church, gathers every week on Saturday evenings at 5:30pm in Lake Zurich? Plan a visit with us and learn more at

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