Gospel Ministry Starts at Home

Back to School 2018

Back to School

It’s been a very full week for the Till family as we, like many of you, enter into a new school year. But what makes this year different and extra challenging for us? Three new schools for three members of our family!

Our oldest started full-day Kindergarten this week in the public school district and is riding the bus for the first time, while our son started a Pre-K program in the same district but at a different school across town, and I started as a new Adjunct Professor of Biblical Studies at Trinity International University — all in the span of two days! Despite the added stress and first-day anxieties for all, we’re already seeing the potential for new opportunities for living on mission in the Kingdom.

Gospel Ministry Starts at Home

Until this week, our kids have been predominately educated at home, part of a Christian-based Preschool program, or participants in a Sunday school class. We have been intentional with raising them with a Christian worldview that places Jesus, the Cross, and His Kingdom at the center of our existence. However, it dawned on us they were about to enter a learning environment five days a week that would not speak of Jesus in this manner.

As much as we dream and pray that every person would confess that Jesus is Lord and is the central figure to our existence, we recognize this is not the world in which we live (and is the reason for our presence in Lake Zurich). Therefore, it’s our responsibility to prepare and remind our children of their belonging in our family and the family of God. Our kids are not called to “evangelize” their classrooms. But it is our job (as Mom & Dad), to present our kids with an assurance and reminder of the reality they live — a symbol of their belonging.


On the first day of school, we presented our children each with a key-chain stone that has a cross printed on them. I said something like this: “On your first day of school, Mom and I want you to have this special gift. It’s to remind you that just as Mom and Dad are always here for you, Jesus is always with you. Jesus goes with you on the bus, to school, and the playground. He is always there and you belong to Him.”

I have to admit I was a bit taken back by how each child responded. You could sense they felt the gravity of the moment, the special attention that was given to them, and the love they felt from their parents and our Heavenly Father. The Holy Spirit was truly on each of these moments, even when it felt rushed and squeezed into another full day with all of its distractions.

Prayer Requests

Here’s how you can be praying for us and Restoration Church:

  • Please pray for our family as we transition into the new school year, spread across three different schools at one time on some days of the week.
  • Mary picked up a few more hours with her part-time job over the summer (she works from home). We’re thankful for the additional provision but it puts an added strain on our schedules. Please pray for discernment for us as we provide space for each other to work and be present for our children.
  • Pray for our on-going commitment to the Word, authentic community, and living on mission among the members of Restoration Church.
  • One year later, the Lord continues to provide for us to remain as full-time church planters through the tithes, offerings, and gifts from our supporters and the members of Restoration Church. However, we fear this may not last. We are looking at a significant budget shortfall and it has put us in a situation where we are considering an option to continue our ministry in a part-time capacity. We are praying this would be a last-resort option, but are remaining open to the Lord’s leading. Will you please join us in praying for continued provision as we walk by faith in this journey?

If you are not presently a financial supporter, would you prayerfully consider a monthly gift of $100, $250, or $500 to support our continued ministry in bringing life and renewal to our community? You can learn more on how to give by visiting, https://www.restorationlakezurich.org/give.

By the Cross; for the Kingdom,

Pastor Matt