“Flipping” the Church

Blog Post 09-04-18

Discipleship (the life-long journey of learning and teaching others how to live as a follower of Jesus Christ) fails not because of a lack of information, but due to a lack of applied learning.

An Old Pedagogy for the Church

We are bombarded with information on a daily basis. Your pastor’s sermon on Sunday morning becomes another drowned-out talk in-between checking your email, sports scores, social media feeds, news headlines, and YouTube videos that you’ve been “browsing” since breakfast. (You only recall 5-10% of your Pastor’s sermon on a good day anyway.) It’s no wonder that fewer religious people are bothering getting dressed and out the door to come to church anymore, especially when they can catch the video reply, live feed, or audio podcast of their pastor’s sermon on demand when its more convenient with the same results. But not only can a typical church member watch or listen to one sermon, they have access to¬†multiple sermons from multiple pastors across the world at their disposal at any given time!

So with all of this great sermon content and biblical teaching at our fingertips, why does there exist a growing disconnect between our “intellectual theology” (I know what the Bible teaches) and our “lived-out theology” (I do what the Bible instructs)? Because discipleship is (and always has been) fundamentally designed to be taught and applied in the context of Christian community.

I contend it’s time for a radical reshaping of “how” we do church that is both old and modern. Here’s a video update on what’s next for Restoration Church as we continue to pursue our mission to share Jesus and live restored lives together in Him.

You can watch the first message, “Our Story of Origin”, from our new series The Kingdom of God on the Restoration Church YouTube channel, by subscribing to our podcast, or on the Restoration Church website at restorationlz.org.

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