Innovation in the Kingdom

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Gospel-centered and Kingdom-focused. These are two defining values for Restoration Church. After spending a summer exploring the Gospel, we now turn our attention to the Kingdom of God.

Here’s how you can participate with us:

An Innovative Approach

In my last update, I shared how we’ve been seeking innovative ways to share the gospel with an increasingly ‘disconnected’ community. (Read my article, “Flipping the Church” to learn more). With this, we see potential by leveraging the modern tools available to us and adapt to a changing culture without compromising the word of God, community, and living on mission. We believe we might even enhance a person’s engagement with God over traditional approaches using an innovative model that emphasizes discipleship through participation.

Watch. Reflect. Engage.

Every Monday I’m posting a new video sermon that explores a passage of Scripture and uncovers its meaning and purpose for us today. Watch or listen to the sermon on our website, Facebook page, or podcast. Have your Bible and a notebook with you. Then, spend the week reflecting on the content and the questions or application challenge given at the conclusion. Finally, engage by joining us at a Restoration Church Gathering on the weekend. This is where we participate in the practices of the faith, hear from one another, and apply all that we have learned.

Let’s get started, together …

By the Cross; for the Kingdom,
Pastor Matt