The Mission of the Church

The Mission of the Church

In the age of digital contentedness, institutional abuse, leadership failures, relational brokenness, and social persecution, many faithful followers of Jesus have found themselves questioning their participation in a local church community. I contend the answer and solution is found in rediscovering the purpose and mission of the church, and it involves accepting and acting upon the assignment that has been given to every follower of Jesus.

The announcement and establishment of the Kingdom of God (also commonly referred to as the Kingdom of Heaven) was the primary mission of Jesus Christ. God’s final plan for redemption and eternal restoration has begun and now today we live in those final days. Following the climax of His earthly ministry (His suffering death on the cross, burial, and resurrection), Jesus left His disciples with an explicit mandate. As born-again believers and citizen’s of this invisible but real Kingdom where Christ now rules and reigns as King, we declare our allegiance and life to this one thing. It’s this Kingdom-mandate that should drive the very reason why we wake up in the morning and participate in the local church. It is this mission and purpose that ultimately fuels every believer in Christ and every church: To share Jesus with the world by extending His kingdom through disciple-making.

We have no greater calling or role in this world. As born-again believers, followers of Jesus, and adopted members of His Kingdom, we participate with God in the redemption of His creation in our time and places to which He calls us.

This week we look at Luke 10:1-12 and learn a fundamental lesson from Jesus: Every follower of Christ is a ‘sent-one’ of Christ.

Additional Resources

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By the Cross and for the Kingdom,
Pastor Matt