A Glorious Future


The future is a bright one. This is not some post-election day sentiment, but rather a God-revealed promise for all who believe.

As we close out our series “The Kingdom of God” this week, we survey the final act of God’s revealed plan for redemption. In Revelation 21, we read the foretelling of the coming presence of God among His people in a completely restored Kingdom – the new heavens and new earth. Death, sin, corruption, pain, and tears are no longer present because the Lord is fully present, and His glory reigns for all time. This is the culmination of God’s plan to restore the rightful created purpose for humanity in a world that is free from sin and the effects of the fall reversed for all time. The image of the future is not just a better life and a better world, but it is the very eternal Kingdom that God promised Israel, and now to those who believe in His Son, Jesus Christ. This is the Kingdom we live for today in anticipation of the promised future for all eternity.