Defining the Message of Christmas

Defining the Message of Christmas (1)

The Christmas season is filled with all sorts of mixed messages. From Black Friday “deals”, to riding in sleighs with bells, Santa Claus coming to town, and images of baby Jesus, it’s no wonder my kids have a hard time remembering what Christmas is all about. And to be honest, sometimes I do too.

This week begins a special series just in time for Christmas, “The Promised King”. We’ll be looking at the Luke narratives surrounding the birth of Jesus, the promise that was long foretold to us by God, and why this is the greatest news that has ever been announced in the history of the world. We’ll also be unpacking these teachings further in our weekly Sunday morning gatherings at Restoration Church. I would love to see you there and experience our encouraging, disciple-making community.

This week we ask the question, “What is the defining message of Christmas?” Here’s a hint, it has nothing to do with eggnog, iPhones, or reindeer.