Keeping it Simple

redefined - keeping it simple

There is something freeing, beautiful & powerful when we get back to the basics. When we strip away the access, fluff, irrelevant, and unnecessary, we’re left with nothing but the essentials. This is how we do church.

At Restoration Church, we’ve taken a radical, counter-cultural approach to ministry. No building. No steeple. No pews. No band. No greeters. No bulletins. Instead, we looked long and hard at the model of the church in the New Testament. What initially felt like a major set-back or a failure has actually become one of our greatest strengths. By focusing on the essential functions of the church, we’re able to keep “the main thing, the main thing”.

In a crowded, busy, “always on”, and noisy world, I find many people craving simplicity and a minimalist lifestyle. Although tidying things up at home with the help of Marie Kondo can be therapeutic to the mind and soul, there is one place that desperately needs some clearing house — the house of God. In a noble attempt to provide offerings and opportunities to the community and its members, the church has slowly drifted away from its counter-cultural existence, becoming more like the culture in its programs, methods, mission, and messaging. Yet it’s in the church where reprieve should be found! The church has always meant to exist on the fringes of society where communion with God and the body of Christ is made central apart from all other distractions and idols of the world. This is the required tension of living as a Christian who truly “lives in the world, but not of the world.”

Here’s the first message in our new 4-week series, “Re:Defined”, meant to answer the question, “What is Restoration Church?”

Reflection Questions

  1. What might the benefits of being part of a simple church be?
  2. What excites you about the idea of a simple church?
  3. What are your fears and anxieties of such an experience?
  4. How do you think the Lord might specifically challenge you in such an experience?

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