Disciple-Making is Kingdom Building

In his final instructions to his followers, Jesus is clear; they have a mandate — a ‘great commission’ — over their lives. To be a follower of Jesus, united in His death and resurrection, and the recipient of a restored soul for all eternity, is to be a fully enlisted and endorsed participant in God’s redemptive plan for the world.

Jesus, as Lord, with the full authority of heaven, declares that every one of his true believers are those who actively seek to make more followers (disciples) of His. Disciple-making is not about extending the footprint of the church as an institution, but rather a call to build God’s Kingdom. Why is this a big deal? Because God’s Kingdom is a present and coming reality that is the fulfillment of God’s promises: a holy people made of every nation, race, and language set apart as God’s prized possession for all of eternity — the restoration of all creation!

When you’ve got news like this, it’s selfish, prideful, and unloving to keep it to yourself. Believers are saved and redeemed to be a blessing to this world and God’s heart is that all would come to faith. This is why followers of Jesus are devoted to growing as life-long students of Jesus and being active in the disciple-making process, because disciple-making is Kingdom-building.

But isn’t that what every church does? Isn’t that the purpose of attractional programs, large crowds, and worship concerts? How else are we to measure our success at making disciples? Author & speaker Alan Fadling writes,

“In our North American context, quantitative growth of just about any kind is the primary ruler used to measure and validate a ministry. More people, more buildings, more dollars, more programs — these are considered evidence of divine blessing. Those servants who can’t do any bragging about quantitative progress are assumed to be failing at doing God’s work well. Since it’s hard to patiently work with people long enough that they become deeply rooted followers of Jesus, we too often settle for helping them learn more information rather than focusing on the long, hard work of equipping them to follow Jesus.”

Alan Fadling, An Unhurried Life: Following Jesus’ Rhythms of Work and Rest, p.30

This is the heart, the foundation to what Restoration Church is. We are a community that seeks to authentically and intentionally make disciples of all people!

Watch this week’s message “Disciple-Making” from our church-defining series, “Re:Defined”. In this series, we are answering the question, “What is Restoration Church and why do we exist?”

Reflection Questions

  1. Have I responded to the call to follow Jesus Christ?
  2. Have I experienced a real spiritual transformation?
  3. Have I been baptized?
  4. Am I apart of an authentic discipleship community?
  5. Am I sharing the gift of a new life in Jesus with others?
  6. Pray: “Lord, where do I need to grow, be challenged, or begin obeying all that you have commanded me?”

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