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Movements and causes come and go all the time. But there is one movement that has withstood the test of time because its founded in truth and spiritually empowered. Regrettably, the statistics have been in for quite some time: Christianity has plateaued and begun a slow decline in North America, not because its been proven false, but because we have lost sight of our mission.

The Kingdom of God is a movement on planet earth when it’s committed to multiplying disciples. Whether its here in America or in China, disciple-making, disciple-sending, and disciple-multiplying are the methods and mission of the Kingdom. In this week’s video we learn what it’s going to take to re-ignite a Kingdom-movement in North America and how Restoration Church seeks to join Christ in His mission for the world.

Reflection Questions

  1. Do I see myself as having a role in the fulfillment of the Kingdom of God? What might that role be?
  2. Schedule some time in silence and solitude (20-30 minutes is ideal). Invite the Holy Spirit to speak to you on the topic of disciple-multiplying. Then listen. At the conclusion of your time with the Lord, what might you need to confess, repent of, change, or begin doing to be obedient to God’s will?

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2 thoughts on “Disciple-Multiplying

  1. Thanks Matt. I think we need to not only re-focus on our mission and our zeal, but on the Sender, Jesus Christ. As you know, there is a global movement, within and outside of the traditional Church, calling for the rediscovery of Jesus himself, the greatest missionary of all time. Dallas Willard of Fuller Seminary said that we need to gain a fresh hearing for Jesus among those who believe they already understand him. There is nothing more motivating than a fresh grasp of Jesus in his Body and in our individual lives. ‘You will be MY witnesses…’ (Acts 1:8) Without this we will tire in our mission to all ‘ethne.’ Blessings!

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