The Greatest Commandments and Powerful Parenting Moments

I love God. I REALLY do. I mean, I LOVE him. And out of this love comes a desire to see him glorified in every nook and cranny of life. Matt and I intentionally apply this to parenting and invite our kids into it as well.

Here is an example of a conversation we had that shows how anything can be an opportunity to love and glorify God:

Me: Evan, what’s your favorite color?
E: (lists all the colors)”and BLACK but not pink!”
Me: 😅 Evan, do you know what black reminds me of?
Me: It reminds me of darkness. And it was really really dark before God made anything! Can I read to you what the Bible says about how God made the world??”
E: (captivated)
*We spend the next 20 minutes reading and talking about Genesis 1-3.
E: Mom! Read me the next part, what happens next?!

Here is a look behind the scenes at what made this moment so powerful:

#1: I love my kids and I want to know them better! We are together day in and day out but there are many things I don’t always know, or there are things that change. Asking questions and being curious about the simplest things that make them who they are, demonstrates love, care, and respect. These are all good things that God calls us to when he says “love your neighbor” and it 110% applies to my love for my kids.

#2: My real love for God and excitement to know Him sets an example for my kids. It’s not false or fake. It’s a real love that I invite them into. If they aren’t interested, I don’t push (or try not too…. still working on that ‘controlling’ nature of mine). The invitation to know God is free and not even I can make my kids take it. But when my love for God flows out in a genuine way, they see it and gravitate towards it. The rule is that I can’t force it from myself or force them into it, it has to be ‘no-pressure’.

#3: This REAL LOVE for God comes from a REAL RELATIONSHIP with God. I spend time with him, seek him in his word, think about him all day, I long to follow him, and I pursue a life of gratitude towards him. These things keep me abiding in his spirit. My love for others, including my children, overflows from this place.

#4: I read straight from my BIG bible and showed him the pages. No pictures or kiddie bible needed. Kid bibles are great for some things but the best thing is to open the whole Bible to them. I read it, summarized it and used motions with my hands to help make the text more clear for him. Evan was connecting with the real word of God and seeing it come to life with a true follower of Christ. This is discipleship at it’s best and it should be happening with the littlest ones in our homes. It is simple. It is real. And it is powerful.

I hope this encourages you as you seek to turn every moment into an opportunity to love and glorify God.