Easter at a Micro-Church

Mary tucked the colored eggs away in preparation for some morning fun with the kids and I got the first pot of coffee started. In just a few hours our house would soon be transformed from a quiet sanctuary to a bustling gathering filled with food, conversation, music, and prayer. It was Easter Sunday and the body of Christ was preparing to meet, as we do every Sunday morning, in a simple and purposeful setting.

Simple & Purposeful

Just as we gathered together on Good Friday, we returned to celebrate the resurrection in our living room on Sunday morning. The sun shined brightly through the windows of our townhouse while we ate with one another, ministered to one another, served one another, prayed for one another, listened to one another, sang with one another, encouraged one another, and shared in communion with one another.

At Restoration Church, we are simply followers of Jesus learning to live a radical life of faithfulness as spiritually-transformed people sent into the world.

We’re learning not to rely on our own wisdom or methodologies, but God’s Word and his Spirit. We’re passing up short-term gains to invest into long-term fruitfulness. We’re tending to smaller fields so that we would become deeply rooted disciples. We’re learning to be citizens of the Kingdom instead of consumers of this world. And we’re being challenged to walk in light of the power of the resurrection everyday as living witnesses to the glorious power of God to a broken world.

Prayer Requests

  • We’re planning a combined worship gathering with The Beacon Community Church in Hoffman Estates on Sunday, May 5th. Both of our churches were “birthed” out of Village Church of Barrington and launched around the same time. Pray for our time together and to be unified around the message and mission of Jesus Christ in the Chicago suburbs.
  • We are considering a number of outreach opportunities this summer. Please pray for discernment and the Spirit’s leading as we choose the best opportunity for us and our community.
  • We’re beginning to pray about and work towards a vision that seeks to start and equip additional micro-churches like Restoration Church across the Chicago area. Pray with us that this vision might become a reality.

By the Cross & for the Kingdom,
Pastor Matt

3 thoughts on “Easter at a Micro-Church

  1. Absolutely the way to go, imho. This should be the normal experience of ‘Church,’ net-working with other similar groups. Does the term ‘micro church’ indicate that ‘bigger church’ is the norm? Just saying…
    BTW, this past Easter Sunday morning we had a two-hour NT style ‘love feast,’ with home-made soup and hot-cross buns, coffee, breaking of bread, sharing around scriptures, songs, prayers for healing, comments and input by all. I believe it was appreciated by all. Greetings!

    1. So excited to hear about your Easter Sunday experience! Sounds very much like ours. And yes, good point, using the term “micro-church” does suggest that the “mega-church” or “bigger-church” is the normative expression of the church. But clearly, the church met in homes for the first three to four-hundred years post-resurrection. Some would say we are simply returning to a more biblical and contextual approach to mission and applied theology.

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