Our Top 3 Family Resources

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When I, Mary, was first looking for resources to help us with church planting I was really looking for something that spoke DIRECTLY to a church planting family. I wanted something to say, “THIS is what church planting will be like for you!” and “THIS is what you need to know about church planting as a family.” I now see this was a silly way of thinking. What I have found is that all the best resources for my family can be the best thing for every family. Continue reading “Our Top 3 Family Resources”

Kids in Church Planting


Today I am excited to introduce a new contributor to this blog, my wife Mary Till! She shares great insights on our church planting journey as parents in her debut post.

The church plant journey started 6 years ago for us, before we had any kids. But a year ago we very intentionally began talking to our kids about church planting. For context: Alyssa was 4, Evan was 2 and Sydney was 3 months old. We knew we wanted to start creating a conversation in our home that would prepare our kids for a huge transition. So, I did what any responsible parent would do. I Googled “kids and church planting.” Continue reading “Kids in Church Planting”