Reach Lake Zurich with us this Saturday!

Reach Lake Zurich June 9

Join us this Saturday, June 9 at 9:00am

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been working at planting Restoration Church for nearly 9 months now. From informational meetings, to prayer and vision nights, to our soft-launch last month, Restoration Church Lake Zurich is meeting weekly on Saturday night’s and sharing the Gospel that restores lives. Until now, our primary method of outreach to our community has been word of mouth and social media. For the first time this Saturday, we’ll be hitting the streets, walking through neighborhoods, and introducing ourselves in to residents. Continue reading “Reach Lake Zurich with us this Saturday!”

Our Ministry will Rise or Fall on this One Thing


We might be “church planters”, but we are first and foremost commissioned messengers of a vision that promises to change the world, one person at a time. That vision is the required foundation, jet fuel, and ‘not-so-secret-sauce’ of our ministry at Restoration Church. It is the one thing that our ministry will rise or fall on. Continue reading “Our Ministry will Rise or Fall on this One Thing”

Church Planters as Local Missionaries

Church Planters as Local Missionaries

“We need a paradigm shift. The American church needs to start seeing church planters as local missionaries who lead, train, and send out more missionaries – just like you.”

Read on for my complete post as this month’s guest Reach Chicago blog author.

The term “church planting” has required some self-evaluation and re-clarification over the last few years because of its current buzz-word status. In the last three decades, virtually any church start, opening, or new location has been classified under the heading of “church planting”. This includes the organic small group meeting in a home that slowly grows to sustain a larger public service, to the opening of a full-service multi-site campus in a neighboring town. The experts in this field are split on how they define the missiological term “church planting”, but one thing is consistent – to plant something, it requires soil, seed, and water.

Ed Stetzer, Executive Director of the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism at Wheaton College and overall church planting guru, recently stated on a podcast, “Church planting involves sowing seeds in lostness, reaching people, and growing a church from there.”[1] This, I believe, gets to the…

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Blessing Austin, Chicago

Blessing Austin

This past Sunday was the culmination of an intentional and growing relationship with a Kingdom-minded partner for the Gospel in an unlikely place – the Austin neighborhood on the west side of Chicago. Austin is not known for its eclectic coffee shops, high-end restaurants, vibrant night life, or even the likes of a reliable chain grocery store that you would commonly find across northern Illinois. Instead, this is a community known for it’s high crime, astronomical unemployment rate, and deep rooted segregation from “white flight” of the 60’s that continued through the 80’s and 90’s.

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Upcoming Events & Prayer Requests

Blog Post 3-16-18

Be part of an upcoming Restoration Church event!

Sunday, March 18
10:30a // Guest speaking and sharing the vision for Restoration Church at Our Saviour Evangelical Free Church in Wheeling.
3:00p // Gathering at Alpine Chapel in the gymnasium (childcare available).

Saturday, March 24
8:30a // Serving opportunity at Rock Church in Chicago helping clear rooms and move furniture in preparation for an upcoming construction project. Contact me for more info,

Sunday, March 25
3:00p // Serving opportunity at Silverado Memory Care Community in Lake Zurich. Help us host a bible study and visit with the residents!

Saturday, April 7
4:00p // Community Seder Meal. Learn about the Jewish feast Passover and how it connects to Jesus Christ. Contact me for more info and location details,

Sunday, April 8
3:00p // Gathering at Alpine Chapel in the gymnasium (childcare available).

Prayer Requests

  • Our first Provisional Oversight Team is meeting on Tuesday night. This team serves as the oversight board and fulfills a number of roles, including acting as a temporary Elder Board for our church. At this meeting, we’ll be discussing a number of agenda items, but also adopting our Constitution and By-Laws, a major milestone in the church planting process! Please pray for a unified meeting of a diverse group of individuals (whom I’ll introduce in the coming days).
  • We’re narrowing our list of potential long-term meeting locations down in the Lake Zurich community. Pray for the Lord’s direction and leading.
  • Next week we’ll be officially launching our pre-launch fundraising campaign. I’ll be releasing an update with all the details. Please pray the Lord meet’s all of our needs in the coming months. I also invite you to pray asking the Lord if He might be calling you to participate and partner with us.

By the Cross. For the Kingdom.
– Matt