The Mission of the Church

The Mission of the Church

In the age of digital contentedness, institutional abuse, leadership failures, relational brokenness, and social persecution, many faithful followers of Jesus have found themselves questioning their participation in a local church community. I contend the answer and solution is found in rediscovering the purpose and mission of the church, and it involves accepting and acting upon the assignment that has been given to every follower of Jesus. Continue reading “The Mission of the Church”

Count the Cost

Count the Cost

Writing in the 1940’s during the height of World War II from inside Germany while defending the defenseless, speaking against the tyranny of Hitler and the Nazi regime, and protecting the integrity of the Gospel under threat from the state that eventually led to his arrest and execution, Dietrich Bonhoeffer has earned a rightful position in history. He has joined the ranks of many that have gone before him, and through his writings, those who would desire to identify with Christ today are confronted with a life-changing question, “Am I sure I want to do this?” Continue reading “Count the Cost”

God is Enough

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We are an anxious generation and statistics are painting a somber picture of this reality. Among college students today, anxiety has surpassed depression as the most common reason for seeking counseling services, and this is combined with the doubling of hospital admissions in the last decade among suicidal teenagers.[1] The statistics help reveal the growing epidemic and point to probable causes, but fail to provide a satisfying solution that our society is in desperate need of. The liberating truth we need to hear today is this: Freedom from our worries and anxiety is found in three little words, “God is enough”. Continue reading “God is Enough”

Is Religion for the Weak?

Luke 4_18

It’s often been said that “religion is for the weak”. I remember a time in my teenage years when an older man said this to me as I was sharing about my family and our commitment to attending church. I don’t know if he was trying to be helpful by sharing his perspective on life or intentionally attempting to demoralize me. Either way, it stuck with me as being rude and somehow incompatible with the God I knew.  Continue reading “Is Religion for the Weak?”

The Forgotten Story of Salvation

Forgotten Story of Salvation

The Lord will always lead you to His people, not into isolation. 

There’s nothing more depressing than feeling alone in the world, fret with anxiety, anger, bitterness, fear, and lacking the joy, laughter, and love that comes with healthy relationships. It’s no wonder that solitary confinement is one of the most demoralizing punishments. We were meant for relationship, not isolation. Continue reading “The Forgotten Story of Salvation”

Talking about Jesus with our Kids


Discipleship — learning and growing as a follower of Jesus — is an everyday endeavor for those young and old. It’s a never-ending process of leading hearts and minds to follow Jesus and becoming more like him. Discipleship cannot be left to a Sunday school class, Bible study, or youth group alone — discipleship is an intentional strategy for life.

Continue reading “Talking about Jesus with our Kids”

My Top 5 Books in 2017

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I have never considered myself much of a reader. I’m typically slow to read through a book and when I do have a moment to sit down with one of the two-dozen books on my “to read” shelf, I usually doze off about 3 pages in. Nevertheless, I still managed to get through a number of books this year, most of them dedicated to topics surrounding church planting (no surprise). So here it is, my top 5 books from 2017: Continue reading “My Top 5 Books in 2017”

Gospel Slavery or Freedom?


I’ve been spending time in the book of Philippians lately. I love this letter from Paul and Timothy, self-identified slaves – yes slaves (see Philippians 1:1) – who belong to Jesus Christ, joyfully and boldly sacrificing their lives for Him. In this letter, Paul and Timothy encourage the church at historic Philippi to do the same: willfully give up your hopes, dreams, comfort, social status, citizenship, and your life for the greatest joy – living for Jesus.  Continue reading “Gospel Slavery or Freedom?”