Easter at a Micro-Church

Mary tucked the colored eggs away in preparation for some morning fun with the kids and I got the first pot of coffee started. In just a few hours our house would soon be transformed from a quiet sanctuary to a bustling gathering filled with food, conversation, music, and prayer. It was Easter Sunday and the body of Christ was preparing to meet, as we do every Sunday morning, in a simple and purposeful setting.

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For the City, State & Nation


I have to admit it’s often easier to be pessimistic, critical and negative than an optimistic contributor when it comes to how I feel about living in the Chicago suburbs sometimes. After all, there is plenty to choose to complain about: high taxes, corrupt government, and bitterly cold winters. I frequently desire to move south where the summers are twice as a long, property values are more affordable, and the people are friendlier (or so they tell me). At the heart, my complaint is a dissatisfaction for where I am today. I want to be anywhere else but here. I want the better life. I want what’s easier. Continue reading “For the City, State & Nation”

Gospel-Centered Communities

If there is one thing that I’ve learned over the years, it’s that we were made for community. We need others to laugh with, cry with, complain with, bond with and just to be with. However, it’s true when they say “bad company corrupts good character” (1 Corinthians 15:33). Who we live with often determines the person we become.

The role of a gospel-preaching church is to encourage and equip others to live in a vibrant community that is centered on the very message of hope and the pursuit of holiness that can only be found in Jesus Christ. We need communities that are committed, loving, gracious, truth-telling and redemptive. We need communities that are focused on the gospel.