Reimagining a Church for the Future

The Christian church, regardless of denominational affiliation, doctrine, or methodology is being faced with the reality of a coming paradigm shift. There are significant disruptions already at play and forecasted to continue well into the future. Socially, financially, and theologically, the present day church in North America is generally unprepared to grapple with many of these disruptive shifts already making waves through the church.

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West Coast, East Coast, Gulf Coast

American Airlines Terminal 3 at Chicago O’Hare Airport.

I’m not known to travel very much, especially by plane. However, as the Lord would have it, He put me on six planes in the span of 27 days that took me to the edges of the country for the purpose of joining Him in His mission. The picture above became a familiar sight for me. It was also symbolic to the purpose of each of these trips and how the Lord continues to be leading – “You will be my witnesses … to the ends of the earth” (Acts 1:8).

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Church Hopping and Church Planting

Church Hopping Church Planting

This post is another installment in the series, “Defining a Church Planter”. Read all the posts related to this series.

“Church hopping” is a term used in evangelical circles that describes the behavior or pattern of someone who “hops” from one church to another. Often people who church hop are those who are actively looking for a new church to attend, don’t attend church consistently enough to have joined a “home” church, or intentionally choose not to commit to a single church or community of faith for a variety of reasons. For us as church planters, it has become a valuable method for learning about our community and culture.

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From TV Producer to Church Planter


Not every church planter has the same background or story. Some come right out of seminary, some are seasoned pastors, while others spend time in the corporate or private sector before receiving the call to leave it all behind for the Kingdom. The following is from an interview I recently participated in about my journey. Until 2012, I was involved in television and video production for 10 years before making a career change to Pastoral ministry. Special thank you to my friend Thomas Elle for allowing me to publish his interview with me to share here. Continue reading “From TV Producer to Church Planter”